Quality Policy

We follow overseas recruitment sector standards with total quality control in each stage of selection process. We acquire skilled profiles from the profile databank and other strategic associates, national and international information resources, etc. using selection processes, screening techniques, interviewing methods and trade testing processes.

We strictly adhere to industry related information and statutory guidelines in procuring, storing and using profiles based on client's requirements. We maintain the highest quality standards and adhere to timely profile evaluation standards. Thus, we have accomplished leadership position and competitive edge in this sector.

Mandatory Approvals

As part of associating with each client / employer, we sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with them. Thus, we become official / authorized overseas recruiter for them based out in India. Thus, we meet the standards in all the phases of overseas placements. Our core management team supports the other teams in adhering to world-class standards in planning, execution and delivery. This approach helps us to focus on innovation in services, adopts and integrates in into work processes.